Hon. Senthil Thondaman

Governor's Secretariat,
Lower Road, Orr's Hill,

Tel. +94 26 22221026
Fax. 026-2222320
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Secretary to the Governor


Governor's Secretariat,
Lower Road, Orr's Hill,
Tel: 026-2222159

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Governor’s Office is considered as the landmark in the field of administration of the Eastern Provincial Council System. The Hon. Governor provides his guidance in creating connectivity between the Provincial Council and the Central Government and for proper implementation of the activities in the Ministries, Departments and the Institutes in the province.

Smart apex institution regulating the services of provincial agencies ensuring quality delivery.

Guiding and directing provincial institutions through meetings and issue of instructions on administrative and financial matters and granting approvals for provincial resolutions as required by law in a continuous and fair manner.

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